We cook a vegetarian meal in the Roman countryside.

Cook and enjoy a healthy vegetarian Italian meal together

Rome, Italy (Zagarolo)
Available in English, French and Italian
4 hours
8 spots per experience
Regular price: 65 €
Children: 35 €

What are we going to do

In the countryside near Rome, near the village of Zagarolo (ancient town) on a small hill, there is my house surrounded by fields. We will meet at the Zagarolo station, and I will take you to my house, there you will find a welcome snack with tea, Italian coffee and a small cake. In my field there are many herbs and fruits that we can use in the kitchen and even with them we will prepare a complete meal, with a country appetizer with fried vegetables, cheeses, fruit compotes, bruschetta, then a fresh filled pasta, prepared from scratch with your hands and a vegetable flan, then we will be able to eat and taste. All the products we will use have been selected by me and produced in our area. You will enjoy tasting the oil and wine that we produce, sitting at our long table we will finally relax trying the dishes we have prepared together! It will be a unique and special moment for me too!

About cillaria - the Doer

My name is Claudia, Cillaria and I love cooking, I worked for many years in the restaurant where I attended my school, but I feel that what I learned the most was taught by my mother, Milena and my grandmother Livia; they told me that the important thing is to have good products and be guided by the passion for cooking good dishes! Here I will use all the products of the selected area, and also many products of my field such as oil and wine but also the freshly picked fruit because it has a particular scent and is particularly suitable for desserts. I have always had a passion for authentic traditional dishes but I also like experimenting with new combinations! But pastry is an exact science and recipes are very precise, in Italy each region has its traditional sweets that reflect the specificity of the products of that territory, for example in the North of Italy often the desserts are with butter and eggs instead South it is easy to be with dried fruit and oil and honey. for my work I have lived in many cities of Italy, absorbing the traditions of the place, and then, back in Rome, I decide to live in the countryside and look at my city that I love from the rolling hills of Zagarolo.
In Rome, my kitchen has long been appreciated and prestigious international newspapers such as The Guardian and The Wall Street journal have written about me!


I'll supply the cooking equipment and even the aprons, if you want, bring a camera and some comfortable shoes.


Claudia was super cute, very welcoming. His house is in beautiful countryside area and the cooking class was very interesting.A really nice place with super tasting and homemade food!I advise it