Mystical Smoke Sauna under ground

Feel the peace and guiet in smoke sauna

Ypäjä, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
30 spots per experience
Regular price: 60 €
Children: 35 €

What are we going to do

Experience the mystical atmosphere of Menninkäinen Smoke Sauna in Ypäjä, the Finnish Horse City. We are only about an hour away in the Helsinki-Tampere-Turku triangle. At Menninkäinen, you are partly in an underground holm arch room with a separate fireplace room and a sauna side with washrooms. The sauna benches can hold almost a whole check for 12 at a time and an outdoor hot tub cube! The pond in front provides cooling to you. The arch of Menninkäinen guarantees an incredible sauna experience with its rotating steam and you can spend time in the fireplace room eating, socializing and even singing karaoke. You can order meals separately or bring your own.
This package includes a small evening meal.

About Paijan Maatilamajoitus - the Doer

Paija Farm Accommodation is both a grain farm and a tourist destination in Kanta-Häme. We have been operating since 1994 and we provide accommodation, party and sauna services in the heart, using local products and domesticity.


A happy and open mind, time for enjoyment and possibly a swimsuit if there are both men and women in the party. Otherwise, you can have a sauna in Finland without swimmers! Personal toiletries can be brought, towel on behalf of Menninkäinen.
There is unobstructed access to Menninkäinen's Fireplace Room, stairs in the sauna.

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