Snowmobile safari to The reinreer cabin

Personal wilderness experiences for you!

Ylitornio, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
6 spots per experience
February - March
Regular price: 175 €
Children: 69 €

What are we going to do

A snowmobile safari offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the winter forest nature while driving snowmodile. The excursion is an opportunity to see animal traces and natural snow art and above all to enjoy the peace of nature.

We leave Ainiovaara from Hotel Karemaja and drive to Kivivaara's old reindeer cabin, where we also get to know their reindeer separation and hear how reindeer separation takes place. In the reindeer house, we brew black pot coffee (also hot chocolate/tea), grill sausages and at the same time hear the story of the reindeer year.

On the way there is a winter feeding fence for reindeer, where you can see reindeer and possibly feed them. There is also the opportunity to see free/wild reindeer in the area.

We driving safely on our quiet modern four-stroke snoemobiles under the guidance of a guide. Thanks to the new technology, the snowmobiles are even more environmentally friendly and top-class in terms of driving comfort and safety.

175,00 €/person (single driving, 1 person/snowmobile)
135,00 €/person (2 persons/snowmobile)
69,00 €/person in the sled / children (5-12 years)

About KJ-Experience - the Doer

In nature, moving in different forms has always been close to our hearts. We have had great experiences and we want to offer this opportunity to others as well.


What's included?
Driving equipments and driving & safety instructions, guidance in English, snack, fuel, snowmobile track permit, traffic insurance (maximum personal liability 1000 €).

Please note
Each snowmobile is shared by two guests taking turns in driving. The driver of the snowmobile has to be at least 18 years of age with a driver’s license valid in Finland. Driving a motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs is prohibited by the laws of Finland.

Child price entitles children to a seat in a sled pulled by a snowmobile driven by the guide. Children over 140 cm in height are allowed to sit on the snowmobile behind an adult, when paying the adult price.

What do I need to bring?
The driver must have a valid driving license in Finland. Take it with you on a snowmobile safari as the license can be checked by the police during Safari.

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