Hiking made simple

Go to the nature! Katve provides all the necessary equipment

Turku, Finland (Yliopistonkatu 29c)
Available in Finnish
24 hours
2 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

Camping in the wild is the most relaxing type of holiday out there and Katve makes it as simple as going on a package holiday. Katve provides you with all the necessary equipment you need for a relaxing night in the woods.

1. Choose your destination and date for the hike
2. We'll provide you with a ready packed backpack. Just pack your own clothes and food.
3. Focus on relaxing

Our gear is top notch and well maintained. On top of the equipment we provide our customers comprehensive instructions with videos (in Finnish), so that setting up a tent or using a camping stove is a breeze.

About Katve - the Doer

Going and spending time in the nature should be possible for everyone. Still only a few of us own all the necessary equipment for a hike.

The founders of Katve are all nature lovers and hikers and we'd like for everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy nature and what it has to offer. All of this without the need to invest a few thousand towards hiking gear.


Our backpack contains all the necessary equipment for a night out in the woods. All you need to provide yourself are clothes, food and water.

We suggest to have at least some beginner knowledge about hiking.