Saimaa Archipelago Route Cycling with One Night Tactic

Experience the Saimaa Archipelago from the back of the saddl

Vuoksen Lautturi Oy, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
48 hours
5 spots per experience
April - October

What are we going to do

The magnificent bicycle route in the Saimaa archipelago takes us deep into the edge of nature. Saimaa offers a good setting for cycling. The nature around is beautiful and clean. Admiring the diverse scenery, the mind relaxes, and the rich summer scents of nature give a unique touch to a bike ride.

During a memorable bike ride, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery from the back of the saddle and sense all the scents of nature and the colors of summer. The laid-back atmosphere, stunning scenery, beach sauna steam and bathing in a clean lake - what more could you ask for a perfect bike ride?

Bike tour highlights

• Cycling through three villages and the summer city life of Imatra and Lappeenranta
• Stunning and diverse water bodies: Saimaa follows us for part of the journey. The waterways are crossed by ferry and bicycle ferry, which is a great experience, the Saimaa canal, Imatrankoski and the Vuoksi landscape road.
• Cultural-historical sites: Alvar Aalto Church, Ruokolahti Church Hill, and Saimaa Geopark sites.


level of difficulty: medium - demanding

The route is best suited for riding a cyclo-cross or a gravel bike or a racing bicycle. The bike path runs mainly on paved roads. From Taipalsaari to Lappeenranta, people cycle along cycle paths. Most of the trip is driven to the edge of small quiet roads. Along the way there is a stretch of sand road about 10 km. Road cyclists can choose a paved route option instead of a dirt section. Other stretches of sand road can be avoided, but the road to our accommodation is a sand road (3km).

The 2 day-tours the trip lengths per day are quite long, although there are no very challenging sections along the way and we take appropriate breaks. If you have not cycled before, choose a 3-day trip.

• Ring route, departure and return to Imatra fishing park. Along the route castle and bike ferry.
• The length of the route is about 160 km
• Imatra - Ruokolahti - Utula - Kyläniemi - ferry trip Kyläniemi tip and Sarviniemi - Taipalsaari - Lappeenranta - Imatra


Day 1 (about 55 km)

When we leave Imatra, our first stop is the Kolmen Ristin Kirkko in Vuoksenniska, Imatra. The church is designed by Alvar Aalto and it is one of the most significant buildings in Finland's newer church architecture. In addition to that the church belongs to the most internationally acclaimed productions of Alvar Aalto.

Ruokolahti's Kirkonmäki is worth a visit. The church is located in a scenic location on the shores of Lake Saimaa. Café Kaiku in Kirkonmäki offers us delicious dishes made by the hostess, as well as interesting stories about history and an exciting story about the lion of Ruokolahti.

When we arrive in Utula, we stop at the village shop in Utula, which has survived for more than 80 years. In the same building with the store operates a café. In Utula, we spend the night in the magnificent Utula Nature. A delicious dinner in the stunning scenery of Lake Saimaa will surely bring a smile to your face!

Day 2 (approximately 100 km)

From Kyläniemi ferry, the journey continues towards the fishing port, where the bicycle ferry takes us to Sarviniemi in Taipalsaari. On the way, you might even see a Saimaa ringed seal. From Sarviniemi, the journey continues towards Lappeenranta in soothing forest landscapes. Even a small section of dirt road is obtained along the way, which brings variation to the paved surfaces.

The beautiful wooden church in the village of Taipalsaari greets us upon arrival to the village. The scent of the local bar's pizza is a real temptation to a hungry cyclist. The selection also includes other delicious options, such as fresh salads and burgers. From Taipalsaari, the bike path follows the Saimaa landscape to Lappeenranta. Crossing the Saimaa canal bridge takes us high above the bridge, wherefrom we can see passengers of the tourist boats wave happily at us.

In the village of Joutseno, it is possible to have a coffee break. The rural landscapes of Ahola swarm in the eyes as we cycle towards Imatra. We cycle along the Vuoksi river towards the national wonder, Imatrankoski. In Vuoksi Fishing Park there is a possibility to bathe in a sauna on the shore of the Vuoksi River or enjoy a delicious Vuoksi fish soup.

The price includes:

• A guided and expert cycling tour of the Saimaa archipelago route
• Accommodation in Utula for 1 night in shared double rooms
• Ferry trips according to the program
• Breakfast x 1 and dinner x 1 according to the program
• Sauna in Utula.

For an additional fee:

• Transportation of luggage to the accommodation during the bike ride
• Guided tour in Imatrankoski before and after the trip
• Booking / arranging accommodation in Imatra before or after a bike ride
• Guided tour in historic Salpa station of Syyspohja
• Bicycle rental (the bike can be rented through our partners).

After registration, you will receive an e-mail with more detailed information about the trip and a list of equipment. Payment instructions will also arrive in the same email. A booking fee of € 280 is payable after registration. Reservations are binding.


We monitor the coronavirus situation and always follow the instructions and recommendations of the authorities, such as distance and hygiene guidelines. According to current knowledge, the virus is not as easily transmitted in the open air. If you have had even minor symptoms or information about possible exposure before you leave, you should refrain from cycling. If the bike trip must be canceled due to a coronavirus situation or official recommendations, we will refund the participation fee to you.

Contact us:

☎️ 041 313 6868

About Discover Saimaa - the Doer

Discover Saimaa operates from Imatra in the southern Saimaa region. Discover Saimaa is a 100% Finnish company. Discover Saimaa organizes trips and events and offers services. We organize nature adventure trips, bike rides, canoe trips, cultural cycling, etc. In the autumn we also organize mushroom and berry trips and in the winter we can be found amongst the snow activities.

Our "office" is in nature, by Lake Saimaa. Nature itself is the largest activity center, open to all of us around the year. Nature is an empowering thing; it produces strength and energy, increases well-being and broadens our minds.

In nature tourism, we implement a responsible and sustainable tourism service. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and are aware of the effects of our own operations on the environment. We strive to manage the environmental impact and pass on awareness to others.

The founder of Discover Saimaa is Taru Kaljunen. Taru is from Imatra, on the shores of Lake Saimaa. "The nurse's work took me to the metropolitan area, where I spent 20 years. The nature experience training gave me the enthusiasm to start my own company, Tarude Travels, which took me to the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites amongst ski hiking". Coronavirus drove Taru back to her hometown. Love to homeland and the enchantment of Saimaa were the key factors behind the creation of Discover Saimaa. What would be a better place to take nature tourism than the Saimaa region.

We listen our customers with a “sensitive ear” and fulfill their wishes whenever possible. We recommend asking for customized tours and events!


After registration, you will receive an e-mail with more detailed information about the trip and a list of equipment. If you have had even minor symptoms of coronavirus or information about possible exposure before the trip, you should refrain from cycling.


The tour operator has liability insurance that covers the possible damages caused by the company's operations during the trip. The customer needs to have a personal travel and accident insurance.

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