Saddle up a Finnhorse

Ride a Finnhorse.

Vihti, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and German
2 hours
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

You may have ridden many different horses, but maybe not a Finnhorse, one of the most versatile horse breed of the world and a true Finnish gem. Get to know closely this wonderful horse breed and enjoy the time at the stable with a like minded Finn. You will of course meet a handsome gelding, who is 600 kg gold and a wonderful example of the breed. You can decide what you want to try - dressage, eventing, vaulting, trail riding, etc. - he will take good care of you.

About Mari - the Doer

Once a horse rider, always a horse rider. When traveling I am always interested to see different breed of horses and how they live and are handled. As well I am happy to share finnish horsemanship with like-minded.


As a rider, you know how to dress. I can provide you a helmet.