Traditional Finnish Textile Art, made by You

Learn how to make a traditional Rya Rug using pure Finnwool

Vihti, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, Swedish, German and Italian
3 hours
9 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Feel the Finnish nature through Your hands. You will be using the pure Finnish wool
for your work. You will be creating your art based on the traditions we have got from
Vikings. You will feel and experience how relaxing it is to create a soft and beautiful
piece of art. This traditional technique is easy to learn. Everything is prepared for
You, just enjoy the beauty.

About Textile Magician Jenni Vanhanen - the Doer

I became a Textile Artisan after working as IT Engineer for over 20 years. I have combined these two careers together and got a Rya Rug design program developed by myself. I have got nominated as Artisan of The Year in Finland because of freshing up the traditional handcraft. As I am also a professional teacher I love to share my knowledge and I have a strong international focus.

You will be delighted participating my workshop <3.


No previous experience required. The workshop is reachable by wheelchair or other means.