Historical escaperoom

Complete a mission and “escape” the room

Veteli, Finland
Available in Finnish
1 hour
6 spots per experience
June - August

What are we going to do

Let’s live through the years of the 19th century, when poverty and hunger are a part of the everyday life. The mother Kreeta Haapasalo, is forced to make a living as a performing artist. Trips are made around with “fear and sorrow”. You have an hour to solve the tasks related to Kreeta´s life, collect the crumbs that have spread to the world and get out of the house.

About Leporetki - the Doer

Leporetki offers nature tourism services, accommodation and experiences where Central Ostrobothnian nature with its open fields, forests, cliffs, bogs and rivers meets tradition and culture.


No earlier experience requirements.

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