Art Exhibition at Kankari Villa of Arts

High-quality art exhibition at Kankari Villa of Arts

Vaala, Finland
Available in Finnish
1 hour
50 spots per experience
June - August

What are we going to do

Art Villa of Kankari, an oasis of art, is located in a scenic landscape near Lake Oulu. We organize art exhibitions in summer and winter. This yesr´s artists:
A photo exhibition reflecting Paola Suhonen´s love and the limitions of time Portrait of a Pornstar.
It has previously been on display at the Helsinki Art Hall.

Once again we get to enjoy the spirituality of Kuutti Lavosen´s art.

Ben Allal Ayad now performs with magnificent sculptures created during the corona year

In the yard gallery Ivana Helsinki-shop and upstairs in the art villa BerberArt-shop

About Kankarin Taidehuvila - the Doer

Long experience in the field of art and producing and sharing experiences for lovers of art and culture.

Upcoming events

25 spots available
Language: Finnish

10 spots available
Language: Finnish · Veistoksia, grafiikkaa, valokuvia Taiteiljat Ben Allal Ayad, Kuutti Lavonen, Paola Suhonen

Mukana myös BerberArt -mattokauppa ja Ivana Helsinki -kesäkauppa

25 spots available
Language: Finnish

25 spots available
Language: Finnish

25 spots available
Language: Finnish


Not suitable for the disabled

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