Arthouse Pilvilinna

Many-sided and cheerful naivistic art-experience at the seas

Uusikaupunki, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
60 spots per experience
June - August
Regular price: 5 €
Children: 3 €

What are we going to do

Refreshingly different
Review of Art House Pilvilinna - Taidetalo Pilvilinna

Pilvilinna ('Cloud Castle') is something out of the ordinary. It is refreshing to visit a cultural attraction which has been developed in beautiful place by the sea. In Pilvilinna you can see naivistic sculptors and paintings, which make you feel happy.

The highlight is the spectacular decoration inside the house, murals and artworks painted on to the walls and floors. Outside there house there is an 'art trail', Pablo the giant rabbit, paintings for sale, rosegarden, little shop of art-house-own unique products and a terrace overlooking the sea to have a coffee and bun. Pilvilinna- it really is a unique place. Nice place also for kids and families.

Pilvilinna is only open in the summer 23.6.-14.8. and in 2021 only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays 14-18 p.m. 5€ entrance fee.

There is a public beach adjacent to the house and lots of free car parking.

About Raija - the Doer

As an artist I have always painted with bright colors and paintings, which have stories.
Arthouse Pilvilinna has been our dream. Many years we had only little summer-cottage here by the sea and 10 years ago we built here Arthouse Pilvilinna. I have painted walls, floors and ceilings full of pictures. Humor, happy colors, naivistic paintings and sculptors, smell of roses, big Paplo-bunny, coffee-terrace and beautiful view of the sea. That is what Pilvilinna is about.
To us Pilvilinna is a dream come true.
Pilvilinna is open 23.6.-14.8. 2021, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays 14-18 p.m. 5€ entrance fee.
children (2-10 years): 3 €.


We have some stairs with entrances to old little artexhibition-houses in the garden.
Also there are stairs, if you want to go upstairs in Pilvilinna (for example a little ateljee is situated on the second floor of the mainhouse ) But you can go everywhere else without any steps.

Families are most welcome to Pilvilinna and this Arthouse is easy and nice first step for kids to the world of arts.




Kerrassaan upea taide-elämys. Hilpeää mieltä ja ihastusta. Taide ja ruusut lumosivat. Lämmin kiitos ♥️


Aivan ihana paikka. Ja kahvilassa aaa valita mitä haluaa kahvipöydästä. Ihanaa. Tullaan taatusti uudelleen ensivuonna.


Aivan ihana talo, ruusut ja maalaukset. Kiitos paljon, että saimme käydä. Tulemme varmasti uudestaan.


Ihana paikka. Hauskaa huumoria. Valtavasti työtä vaatinut. 10+


Kiitos mukavasta taidekokemuksesta , olimme kolmen sukupolven voimin 😊
Raija Raija Hei Henna
On kiva kuulla, että Pilvilinna hauskuttaa kaiken ikäisiä kävijöitä ! Kiitos iloisesta palautteestasi, Teemme parhaamme ! Hyvää kesää ja tervetuloa toistekin Pilvilinnaan !

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