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Uusikaupunki, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
20 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Myllytonttu goes to space

Excitement, fun, and good spirits!

Myllymuori has heard that space travel has become very fashionable. But how do you go to space?
Myllytonttu believes that you get to experience the wonders of the universe if you can only pass the astronaut exams and know how to build a proper spaceship. The exams are not easy, but we can get through them if we put our heads together. An astronaut must also be suitable for a flight to the moon, and for this we must use a very technical measuring device, the scales at Vaakahuone. We can build a rocket together. Rockets should have all kinds of buttons and gizmos, not to mentions hatches for looking at the stars.
The fun adventure trip is full of stories, music, games, and small tasks. The groups goes around on foot amid the beautiful wooden houses, taking in the sights. Special space-themed music has been composed for the adventure.
The family space adventures are organised in co-operation with Uudenkaupungin Vanhat Talot ry and the Uusikaupunki Tourist Information Office. It is recommended that under school-aged children are accompanied by an adult, and strollers are recommended for small children. The trips are also well suited for kindergarten and school groups.


It is recommened that under school-aged children are accompanied by an adult, and strollers are recommended for small children.




Mukava ja hauska retki. Koko porukka, 2 aikuista, 6kk ja 4v viihtyivät.
Kerttu Kerttu Hauskaa, että viihdyitte! Kiitos ja hyvää kesänjatkoa!


Retki oli monipuolisesti osallistava ja kiinnostava eli hyvä. Kannattaa käydä katsomassa 🙏😁👋
Kerttu Kerttu Kiitos! Mukavaa, jos viihdyitte <3


Kiva pikkuseikkailu kaupungissa ja tonttunukke on symppis.
Kerttu Kerttu Kiva kuulla, kiitos ja hyvää kesää <3


Kivaa oli, kiitos.


Myös puhelimesta soitetut musiikkipätkät kuuluivat hiukan huonosti. Lisää voluumia! :)
Kerttu Kerttu Kiitos palautteistasi. Hyvää kesää!

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