Children's Pirate cruises with Galley Olga

Hii-O-Hoi! Experience funny Pirate Cruise for kids

Uusikaupunki, Finland
Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
34 spots per experience
25€ / person
20€ / children

What are we going to do

Children's Pirate Cruises with Pirate galley m/aux Olga
on July Fridays at 16-18:00
At the Uusikaupunki Harbor, next to guest harbor

Find hidden treasure!

Pirate cruises for children and adventurous adults. The cruise travels around the Uusikaupunki Archipelago and you will get to hear stories about pirate boat and learn how to make knots.
We recruited a number of jolly pirates to our crew and they will keep you busy with all kinds of activities during the cruise.

3.-31.7 Fridays at 16-18:00

Children: 20€/ child (all aged children)
Adults: 25€/person
Incc. Voyage, program, bag of surprise and juice

About Heidi - the Doer

Our Sailing crew is happy to take you to the Pirate Boat adventure!

Upcoming events

4 people are going
Available in Finnish

31 spots available
Available in Finnish

34 spots available
Available in Finnish


Ladies, please don't wear high heels.
remember to take your pirate spirit with you!




Kiva reissu, lapset ja aikuiset tykkäsivät! Ja solmut sujuvat kotonakin... Jos haluatte vielä kehittää ohjelmaa, tarinat entisajan merielämästä voisivat toimia hyvin.




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