Write and record your own song

Find the song inside you!

Available in English
2 hours 30 minutes
8 spots per experience

What are we going to do

They say that every song tells a story, and every person has a story to tell.

Even if you've never picked up an instrument or sung a note, you bring the idea/thought/feeling/inspiration and the rest we work on together.

Once you're happy with how it sounds we record a demo so you have a copy to keep and share as you wish.

49€ is the price for the whole experience whether it's a group of 8 or 1.

As an optional extra, we can also make a time to go and record your song in a professional studio with a sound engineer/producer (the full studio experience). (This is an extra cost as we need to pay to rent the studio)

About Steve - the Doer

As soon as I'd learnt my first guitar chords as a teenager I was looking for ways to turn ideas into songs. By guiding people through the songwriting process, from the first lyric or chord to the completed recording, it's always great to see a song and its story develop and come together into something lasting.


I have plenty of guitars and a piano, but feel free to bring anything else you might need - we've recorded with everything from handmade drums to singing storybooks :)




Yes. Steve that was great to be with you. Thank you so much.
Kiitos paljon 😀
Steve helped me to find the right chords for my songs and gave tips how I could play more happy songs. After our first session, I wrote the song further at home, I recorded the song and sent it to Steve for feedback. Based on the feedback I changed the song a bit and then we recorded it in a real studio with an extra guitarist. It was an amazing experience and Steve is a very friendly and open minded person. I could recommend it to anyone who is interested in songwriting, but needs some help for taking the next steps. Steve is quite flexible, so I think it is good to express your expectations before the activity (e.g. meeting up one or two times, what do you want to learn).
Steve is a very cool guy to hang out with. He knows his music too, writing the song took us less than three hours and recording it only one. Amazing!

I can truly recommend Steve and this experience to anyone. Thanks!