Trailer sauna experience with guidance

Get familiar with the basics of Finnish sauna culture!

Available in Finnish and English
3 hours 30 minutes
6 spots per experience
Regular price: 40 €
Children: 40 €

What are we going to do

Rent this mobile trailer-sauna, learn how to warm it up and bath in it. Swim and chill in the sea if willing so. Enjoy a beer with sausage or two (or barbecue of your choice) while warming the sauna.

This experience takes place in Ekvalla public beach where we transit the sauna trailer with water and firewood. The beach can be reached by a city bus (lines 14 and 15) from the city center, ask us for more definitive information.

We offer a short guidance in sauna-culture and teach you how to use a traditional wood-fueled heater ("kiuas"). After you got the fire started there is ca. 30-45 minutes warming time to spend, just enough to enjoy the delight of a grilled sausage while gotten annoyingly hungry in the frame. Sauna and grilled sausage is very traditional and common combination and is probably among the most ruling summer vacation activities in most of Finland's 500 000+ summer cottages.

Trailer sauna fits 6 people comfortably, so we recommend this experience for groups not bigger than that. The experience includes one beverage per attendant, firewood and charcoal for warming the sauna and barbecue, normal pork meat sausage with basic dressings (mustard, ketchup). Bring your own towels (or contact us in advance if this is a real issue) and swimming suits since the experience is located in the public beach by default.

Typically Finns have no gender restrictions when going sauna, so your group can be all-male, all-female or mixed. Your guide in experience can join you in sauna or stay outside, just let us know. Your guide will be there during the experience and transits the sauna trailer away afterwards.

Ask us if you have a suggestion for another place (in Turku area) for this experience, we try to keep this experience flexible.

Minimum price is 200 € (or 40 € per person if group is bigger than 5 persons). Contact early by Whatsapp or SMS or give us a call.

Have an evening to remember and a peek in to a Finnish culture!

About Ilari - the Doer

We have small registered society around this sauna trailer, so guide(s) helping you vary within our timetables.

Sauna is built on an old caravan trailer and registered for road use. That kind of vehicles are guite rare, so this is really an unique experience for all the people interested in saunas and Finnish culture.


A towel and a swimsuit are the only two things required. It is required to bring your own barbecue-food if you prefer to eat something else than sausage.

We offer shower gel or similar, but other toiletries are recommended if willing so. There are no proper shower. A heater for water and simple showering device can be used, please do notice that the amount of water is limited.

Unfortunately there is no easy access for disabled people, so take in to account that there are two stairs or elevations.