Vintage and flea market shopping

Discover the best and cheapest finds with a flea market pro

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
2 hours 30 minutes
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

If you are interested in buying some local products, made in Finland stuff, Finnish design or if you just want to see what kind of quirky, different and interesting things you can find at flea markets or in vintgae shops in the Turku area, you will not find a better guide than me. ;)
Marimekko, Iittala, Arabia, Moomin stuff etc. handy crafted and otherwise well made things can be found at a good price. Why buy a boring or ugly fridge magnet when you can get am awesome vintage souvenir to wear or use in your home?! :)
We can visit as many places as you want and we can go to different places depending on what you want to look for. I also have a car so we can visit the more remote places outside town. (they are also many times cheaper!)
I'm a hardcore flea market expert and I have also had my own vintage shop so Im familiar with Finnish brands and design and I know the prices so you wont pay too much.
This experience can be molded to suit your wishes. And dont worry, you can use basic credit cards in most places.

About Ida - the Doer

I've been a flea market, vintage and auction shopper since I was a little kid. We moved to a large house when I was 4 years old and most of the furniture for our new home we bought at auctions around in the area where I grew up. We went there with mom and grandma and had pick nick stuff with us. Mom then renovated and finished these beautiful old well made furnitures and we still have them today.
When I grew a bit older I started experimenting a lot with my style and from flea markets I could get so cool and different looking clothes! They were also cheap so I bought A LOT and tried out a billion different outfits in my teens and twenties.
When I moved away from home when I was 19 I bought most of the things second hand that I needed for my new home. Good quality design, Finnish made products that I still have today. It gave me a personal home that does not look like its from an IKEA catalogue. I bought different things depending on what my style was at the moment and I started to have a really big collection.
At some point I opened a small vintage shop because I had som many things I could sell them to others! :D I had it for 2,5 yrs before I moved to Turku, where I have lived now for 2,5 yrs.
Nowadays I mostly look for really high end quality stuff when I go to flea markets. Design, art or clothes. Good and lasting products, that last time and use. I dont need many things these days but what I need I usually can find at the flea market. I also buy all my gifts from flea markets, its ecological and cheap. And I never buy bad gifts! ;)


Some places still only take cash even though most accept credit cards but to avoid disappointments, have some cash with you. (Not too large bills (50 e or smaller))
Wear good shoes! This could become a real marathon! And if you want to try on clothes, dont wear your Converse, it will take forever every time you take them on and off.
Also its nice to have some kind of idea what you are looking for or in what price range, it helps we as your guide and I enjoy the challenge to try to find something specific.
If you just randomly want to check out flea markets thats of course fine also.