Street Photography

Beautiful memories for life

With Nitin

Available in English
1 hour
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Beauty is defined by each individual in a different way. I see beauty everywhere, for example on the streets of Turku.

Through street photography you get to see life as it happens with no posed emotions or situations. We will capture the soul of this city through the lens.

The idea for this experience is simple: we meet and start exploring the streets of Turku with our cameras, we will capture real human emotions in the urban setting, and we will photograph street buildings on our way.

Most of us have some sort of cameras but we often don’t use them to their fullest potentials. During this one hour experience you will pick up some tips on how to use your own camera more effectively. The techniques and principles that we will use during this experience are good for those who want to learn how to use a DSLR camera or at least a camera that allows for some changes with the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Even some pocket cameras have these functionalities.

The actual experience will take an hour and plus the time for introductions and choosing our walking route.

The price per individual is 15 euros, however please contact me or Doerz directly for group pricing as there are package deals for larger groups.

I speak fluent English, and do understand basic Finnish too.
I am pretty flexible with my schedule, so feel free to contact me and let’s explore the streets of Turku through the lens!

For Helsinki street photography - I can travel to Helsinki too if there is a group of people interested in this experience.

Thanks for your interest!

About Nitin - the Doer

Photos are nostalgia. Remember the feeling when you look through old pictures, that feeling is what drives me towards photography. I have been learning photography since i was quite young. I am mostly self taught with help from online media.


Interest is only must have thing you need , all else can be discussed :)



Yesterday's experience was great! Hanging out by Aurajoki side with good photographers, friends and nice people. Nitin was nice and patient to everyone of this group, he was teaching details one by one. No matter which level you are, if you feel you are interested in photographing, you should defiantly check this!


Street photography with Nitin was great, learned a lot. Now I can definitely take better pictures in the future. Other doerz were also friendly and gave some new ideas and tips! :)


It was nice experience to be with such a nice and friendly group,
learning photography in group always gives another meaning to the photos, and it gives creative Idea! especially if the leader would be as friendly as Nitin! :)
So keep calm and join if you wanna learn in a friendly atmospher! :)


I participated in the Street Photography session on April 10, 2017.

Nitin is a great guy and a good teacher. He talked with everybody and gave some good advice on street photography and photography in general. Anyone interested in photography should give this a try! You don't have to be an expert to join.


Fun evening with Nitin on 10th of April 2017!

It doesn't matter whether you are beginner or professional, this session will give you new angles for photo shooting. Nitin is taking into consideration all the group members and their skills. I highly recommend this experience.


Participated in the first session on 10th of April '17. Had a great time by the Aura River although it was quite windy and chilly! Luckily it didn't rain...

In my experience, I would recommend this to anyone who's interested in street photography. Nitin is a great guy and really helpful! I have done photography as a hobby for some time but I have mostly concentrated on nature so this kind of experience was really nice and something new for me! If you had a rating system, I'd definitely drop 5/5 stars!


Nitin provided an excellent session where we walked along the river bank taking picture and he helped me a lot learning the settings to enhance my photography!

I recommend going for a photography tour with Nitin!