Singing lessons online

Find your voice with a teacher

Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Are you an enthusiastic shower singer? Are you a silent one, afraid of your voice? Or are you a more experienced singer in need of guidance? I think I can help you! Online singing lesson is a low treshold way to try singing. You can get familiar with your voice, sing you favourite songs with karaoke backgrounds and ask me anything you want to know about voice! Singing is also very beneficial to your well-being.

You can ofc take only one lesson, but I recommend taking a few at first. If you feel like this could be your thing, we can continue together, or I can help you find a teacher in your home town. If you live in Turku, we can also discuss the possibility of live lessons.

About Kati - the Doer

I am a Turku-born singing teacher and musician, and have always been fascinated by human voice and music making of all sorts. I have studied music technology and singing, musicology, music education and phonetics. The past few years I have taken part in Estill model courses, in which I have studied specifically the physiology of the voice.

While I find the technical side very interesting, passing on emotions is the most important thing for me in music. It has been proven by researchers that music is extremely beneficial to human well-being, so I want to do my part as a contributos by doing what I'm good at. As a teacher I aim to inspire and support the student, for we have singing potential in us!


For an online lesson you will need a device with a camera for the video call. If you have external speakers, that's great, then you can better sing with the background. If you are usin your phone for the video call, I recommend having another device to see the lyrics and play the background from. You cand send me a message and we can find a suitable time and platform for you.