Sheep yoga in Ruissalo

Cuddle sheep and let go of stress

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
10 spots per experience
June - September

What are we going to do

The sheep yoga is over for summer 2019! Hope to see you again in 2020!

Our yoga class is held next to an old Ruissalo villa, on a field where our friendly Finnsheep-Ålandsheep -mixes pasture. The class is suitable for beginners, and is held in English.

About Iina - the Doer

I love knitting, and that's why I talked my boyfriend into buying 4 sheep last spring.

Our sheep are the most cuddly sheep we've ever met, and we actually held some sheep yoga classes with them last summer.

Now, during winter time, I like to spin sheep wool.


You need comfortable clothes and a towel (or yoga mat). The class is suitable for beginners.


Lammasaitauksessa on taianomainen tunnelma! Lampaita ei tarvitse maanitella luokseen, ne tulevat omaa uteliaisuuttaan tutkimaan ja jäävät muina miehinä vierelle istumaan rapsutusten toivossa. Hetkessä oleminen ei ole koskaan ollut joogatessa näin helppoa.
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Good yoga, soft sheep!
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