The seven hills of Turku

Guided running tour of the seven hills of Turku

Available in English and Swedish
2 hours
25 spots per experience

What are we going to do

What do Turku, Rome, Kampala, Istanbul and Edinburgh all have in common? Each one of these cities was built on seven hills! In Turku you'll see all seven of them when we run up Yliopistonmäki, Kerttulinmäki, Vartiovuorenmäki, Samppalinnanmäki, Kakolanmäki, Puolalanmäki and Aninkaistenmäki. It's a 10K run with a pace around 7 minutes/kilometer and with a lot of steps, stairs and fun facts about Turku.

About Linus - the Doer

Linus is passionate about Turku and an authorized guide since 1991. Orienteering and trail running are other points of interest, all combined in this guided running tour.


Good running shoes




Markkinointi suomeksi tai ruotsiksi, ei englanniksi.


A nice mixture of running/physical exercise and culture - I enjoyed it - and feel it in my legs right now :) Grandma


Tack Linus för den trevliga löpguidningen.