Meet Santa Claus

Invite Santa Claus for a visit

Available in Finnish and English
30 minutes
50 spots per experience

What are we going to do

It doesn't have to be Christmas to meet Santa Claus in Finnish Christmas City Turku. Invite Santa Claus to your party, meeting or for a visit to your home! You can also ask him to join you to another Doerz experience.

Longer visits are possible also. Pricing based on time and location where you meet - ask an offer! Minimum price 50€.

About Santa Claus - the Doer

I want to bring joy to people's lives. Not only during Christmas time, I can visit you even during the summer! Let's celebrate your special day together!


Remember to be nice!




Joulupukki sai mahtavan vastaanoton lasten synttäreillä. Aito ja lämmin kokemus!


Santa visited us in a shopping centre's family event and truly brought joy for all the visitors! He's great with kids as well as adults, talkative and joyful personality. Totally authentic and with no hesitation I will ask for him again once I feel a need to meet the Santa!


This must be the real Santa! It was something special to meet him in the middle of summer.
Meeting Santa is a fantastic experience - even (or especially) in the middle of summer! The experience is actually so real, You start to believe in him again... ;)
He's an awesome storyteller and has great conversational skills. It's like XMas every day, good add-on to any group event or similar