Sailing at the Archipelago

Saturday, December 12 2020 10:00 (GMT+2)
Language: Finnish
X-mas Sailing 2020 !

Want still to get to the Sea & enjoy Sailing?

I tell you it's cold & dark, but fortunately our boat Fareata is prepared for the off-season! Oil-stove heater, cups of warm tea & coco, beside a hot menu designed to the season keeps you sparkling (in a good way!)!

This is a one day experience, starting at 10am with a guidance to a few practical issues. We offer hot drinks, lunch & little x-mas dinner by the sea. The day comes to end at twilight by arriving back to the town river, after-sail sauna available for late minded people.

Bring yourself extra warm clothes (it's much colder outside at the sea than on land, due continious wind), good gloves for taking your ig photos, and delight the table with happy-to-eat snacks for all. Also, sunglasses might well be still needed! ;-)

For eager souls, who seek to know more about sailing, you are more than welcomed to participate in all the actions, such as manoeuvring, sail and rope handling and so on - we have a guide there for you! But you may just as well enjoy the views & great company surrounded. So much fun at the Arctic sailing views!

In case voyage must be cancelled due heavy weather, ice or other mandantory reason due the Skipper, all money from the hosts (our) side is refunded. (Doerz takes some 5% or so for transfers.)
More about our trips, preparing yourself, the boat details and the experience rules are found on here - everyone joining are to accept rules:
Regular price (95 €)
Children (75 €)