Try out Sailing - or join a big trip!

Saturday, July 27 2019 10:15 · 119€

2 day trip ( one night) at sail & visit islands the archipelago!

We departure at Nauvo (NAGU - 1,5 hrs by buss from Turku) and sail around, depending on the wishes and wind we have options to sleep at desert islands at a anchor (jolla option for landing) or to moor to pier at a harbor with paths to run, sauna etc.

Return to same place around Sunday 16 (last buss to Turku around 18)

No matter where we moor, there will be lot of to experience and learn. As a Crew, we will do all essential sailing tasks together with you, but there will be free time also for our own things and enjoyment at the island.

No fear if you didnt sail before. This trip is for you and you will learn! ;)

We enjoy ourselves to swim and do sports at the island; activities, that you are free to attend! On request I can have "Sports & Sailing" classes for you; or you can have your own free time at the island. We always however have hearty and warm feeling in our boat and we cook and eat together and maybe do something artistic too, as talk about dreams or have a drawing sessions etc.

Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines before booking: they are the terms of the trip.

IMPORTANT INFO: 1 reservation can include 1 or 2 people (sleeping in the same cabin). So 2 spots= 4 people in all we can take with us. If you join with one friend, buy only 1 spot. Rest of payment will be dealed with cash or direct transfer during the trip starts. The next person joining with us will have -50% (60e) ie. 1 person alone=119e, 2 people together = 119e+60e= 179e

See you at the boat, right!

Jasper & Keiju