Try out sailing!

Try out sailing!

With Jasper A

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
8 spots per experience
65€ / person
40€ / children
60€ / students

What are we going to do

Welcome sailing!

We guide You and Your Team to the adventures to the Sea. We sail mainly around Turku & Archipelago National Park waters. Choose over-night trip or try it out for a day.

What makes our trip special? We photograph each our trip. Every voyage includes Diploma. We teach & share. "You don't buy experience from us, but with us."

Every trip includes Diploma, photographing and teaching.

A Day at the Sea (HALF DAY) - Great for Business meetings!
Refresh your ordinary day! 5-7 hours of sailing, 2-8 people, delicious food, your great company. Learn new, grow your team work relationships or enjoy your own piece. Prize depends on group size, included food or not and other specifics. As a good reference we keep 450e / trip all included for 8 persons

INCLUDES: sailing & familiarization, Diploma for each person, sail learning / lessons (voluntary). Delicious food based on great vegetarian menu by ship's cook. Pictures for additional agreement.

FULL DAY SEA PICNIC - Great for Families!
Visit Vepsä in between the day and come back in the evening. 8-12 hours (3 hours exploring the island), 2-8 people, elsehow same specs as above. Reference prize 540e /group for 8 all included

WEEKEND TRIP or OVERNIGHT - Great for travelers! (2-3 days // 1-2 nights)
2 days (or +1 additional day at the island): Route i.e. Turku - Vepsä / Seili - Turku or other separately discussed special route-- There is lot to explore on those islands and it's easy to sail! Those islands provide private group saunas for small prize, additional accommodation (for large groups) and other services as history, nature trails etc. Enjoy the island for one full day or come back the next day. 4 can sleep in the boat - it is also possible to combine the trip with an island based accommodation to fit more people (8 max, additional accommodation sold separately by island based companies. Ask for assistance). 2-3 days, delicious vegetarian food included, by ship's cook or commonly cooked, reference prize as 170e/person (for 4 people / 2 days), +1 extra day on island: 290e (3 days = 245e/person)

3 DAYS: Route Korppoo - one archipelago island - transport from the island or sailing back. There are number of possibilities to go, many island providing little services as quest harbor, sauna, idyllic village, history, nature etc, or choose to stay over on a desert island!
280e/person (for 4 persons). Transport in / out Korppoo by buss or own car (about 3h from Turku). Food included.

3+ DAYS: Route Turku / Korppoo - outer archipelago - back somewhere sometime... adventure provided! Or what do you say, isn't it good not always plan too well? During WEEK EXPERIENCE you'll sail a lot of surprises & islands by! We discuss details together before the trip. Reference prize 460e/person (for 4 people), all included.

NO MONEY / TOO EXPENSIVE, but still up to join?
We provide low-cost sailing whenever possible for available / cancelled places on board. These are so-called fast-calls or spontaneous sailing trips around the archipelago. You get info on these trips by following our FB page (see below), or more easier & faster by joining our spontaneous sailing text message list here:

SPONTANEOUS SAILING TRIPS MESSAGING LIST -(will come in english soon...)-

->Sail more, learn more, explore more <-



Our Sailing Schedule Plan for 2018

Sailing suits for all, no experience needed. We will discuss details together depending on your needs, if any. Each trip includes a skipper and often (and if needed) assistant cook / deck hand. Enjoy yourself & the great company. Sailing is perfect way to share time together, learn new skills (such as knots and navigation), or just to relax and get out of the Office. Sailing will be definitely fun & refreshing!

Good attitude with positive mind! <- this is the key for good experience & learning. What else to need? Water-bottle, sunglasses (& sun-cream), lot of warm & windproof clothes especially at the beginning & end of the season! Life-jackets & sailing gloves are provided on board. Note, that life-vest or -jacket is mandatory to suit while cruising on each & every trip. It's also always good to have some quick-to-eat snacks for your own, and why not for common table too! For more info, visit

ADDITIONAL INFO (coming soon in English)

Warmly Welcomed!
-Crew Fareata-

About Jasper A - the Doer

Sailing is all in... it is my occupation, my profession, my boat is my home, I earn my money through it, I am passionate about it. I love it and I will sail around the world, one day I will, I will go to the adventures. Would you like to join?


Please note!

-Boat is restricted space - you and your team members must be physically and mentally welfare.
- Sailing is an extreme sport. Good preparation in gear is essential - especially weatherproof clothing.
- Suitable for children (4+ years, with their parents).
- Life-jackets & sailing gloves provided on board
- Let us know any medical, health, allergy etc issues in advance here (soon in English):

All the rights reserved for changes due weather reasons. In case of urgent cancel, we do our best to provide alternative suitable dates for You.



This is a great experience, Jasper and Shaeila are really great people and sailers. You will learn a lot about sailing and will see the area in a different way, perfect for tourists and anyone who want to do something different and see turku and the archipelago from the water. Thank you doerzs and Jasper and Sheila