Try out Sailing - or join a big trip!

Try out Sailing - or join a big trip!

Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
8 spots per experience
119€ / person
59€ / children
65€ / students

What are we going to do

Welcome sailing!

We provide an alternative, but interesting way to sail!

Check our events for open crew-positions!:)

When requesting a trip suitable for your needs, we need to know:
- How many persons are coming? (for stay-nights max 4, a day cruising takes 8)
- May we invite others if there's open spots left (may make it a bit cheaper for you) or not
- What do you prefer experience during cruising? See below:

Birthday trips, pure learn-to-sail, explore history, sauna, sports & swimming, hiking, nature trails, desert islands, idyllic villages, Geocaching, bon-fire & food etc... You decide!

So we can optimize the plan and prize for you!:)

You join always as a Crew Member. This position holds participation to daily boat tasks as cleaning, cooking, making own beds, assist in deck work as navigation, rope- & sail handling and steering etc. Please read our "good-to-know" guidelines & house rules before booking:

- Water bottle
- Good outdoor-clothing
- Sunglasses & Sun lotion
- Snacks for your own and common table
- Positive, curious mind;)

- Own bed sheet, pillow & sleeping bag
- Head light with spare batteries
- Soft covered bag (avoid hard-covered suitcases)
- A friend - not mandatory, but it's just nicer!

- Great, delicious vegetarian food (3*day, bring own snacks and some fruits for a common table), (not on 1 day trips if not separately agreed for additional prize)
- Accommodation in boat (2* double bed, cabin separated by a curtain), not in 1 day trips
- Port fees and maintenance
- Guidance / teaching to sail
- Activities /food on harbor as those which not included in the port fee (ie. saunas)
- Travel to boat / home
- Insurances

We sail mainly around the Turku (Finland) archipelago (Nauvo, Korpoström, Pargas and Archipelago National Park) and Ålands.

Between approx. mid June to end of August, we concentrate on 2-6 days trips form Nauvo (Nagu). Day trips from Turku will be slightly more expensive that time. Nauvo and other archipelago ports (ie. Korpoström) are reachable by "the archipelago buss" in 1-2 hours (by car or bus). For travels to Nauvo/ archipelago ports, see

What makes our trips special? We photograph each our trip. We teach & share. We sail & train with you. "You don't buy experience from us, but with us."


5-7 hrs , 2-8 people
Refresh your ordinary day! Learn by practice, or let us do all the work while you focus on your mind awareness!
Delicious food provided by "common table" -method (everybody brings something to cook (we serve delicious vegetarian and do not wish meat on board).
We're passionate to teach and learn. No better deal for try-out sail-learning are within these waters! Suitable for children
Starting at 400e/ group

FULL-DAY PICNIC - Visit Vepsä or other islands!
Full day of sailing, relaxing, eating all together, visiting islands and swimming... 8-12 hours sailing expedition. Geo-catching, swimming, Frisbee-golf, nature path, landscapes... 3-5 hours on the island, rest on sails, everybody bring the food, 2-10 people. Prize starting at 500e /group.
Suitable for children.

2-4 people in 2 beds, cabins separated by curtain.
The boat does not offer luxuries, but an interesting experience for adventurers and bag-backers.
There will be interesting destinations: desert islands, beautiful anchorages and harbors with idyllic villages, nature paths and services around. Starting at 300e as the first day + 250e/ day
ie. Nauvo - Korpoström route (4-6 days) passes possibly by Utö, Jurmo or other fantastic islands on the outer archipelago (Archipelago National Park)! While learn sailing, of course.

It depends on the season, your wishes and destinations. Flexible prizing gives us possibility to offer the same trip for different kind of groups with different needs.

NO MONEY but still up to join?
We want provide low-cost sailing whenever possible and places open on boat. To catch them, join our trip's fast-call messaging list (you need Telegram/WhatsApp):

Yes, there is a toilet, and fresh water (drinkable water) on board (however, when on land/harbor, toilet limited to use). There are 3 beds for 6 people (which 2 beds for 4 visitors). There are limited electricity to use (12V), but you can take your USB-charger for your phone in case. "The nature is our best facility" - it goes much like hiking in the bare nature otherwise by sanitary in desert islands:)

"On boat we live much like when hiking in nature: no extra facilities, if any!"

ZERO WASTE - we don't invest much on litter and don't gather it much from the crew on boat: you gather your own thrash (ie. papers from snacks) on board and recycle them after sailing (have your own "thrash bag" with). This makes life easier, and maybe helps us all to reduce the amount of no-needed thrash.

When we're sailing timelessly with our crew, we love to take time to explore, swim and exercise (meditation, yoga and martial arts) on land. You may any time to join these activities, or find your own!

->Sail more, learn more, explore more <-

We Social Media- Here we share photos from our trips!





Good To Know - our "Terms of Service"

We wish warm days and windy seas!

Jasper & Keiju
s/y Fareata

About Jasper A - the Doer

Sailing is all in... it is my occupation, my profession, my boat is my home, I am passionate about it. I love it and I will sail around the world, one day I will, I will go to the adventures. Join the big treasure!

Upcoming events

8 spots available
Available in English · Try out sailing!

10.15am - 16.00pm

Turku (Ruissalo) - Turku (center)
65e/ 59e* /person (choose this price when booking).
*lowered price if needed

Bring water bottle, sunglasses, snacks for common table - and your best friends!
Check our "terms of service" before booking:

Meeting: Turku Ruissalo beach (Saarontie 75). (buss or car - there is a good parking area by the beach)

Arrival: Turku, Läntinen rantakatu 57 (quest harbor by restaurant Nooa)

2 spots available
Available in Finnish · SEILI ISLAND VACATION, 3 days trip
249e/ person
399e/ 2persons

Fr 14.6. - Sun 16.6.2019

Turku - Seili - Turku

Leaving from Turku quest harbor (center), set sails at Airisto and heading to Seili Island. Spend a day there exploring, the next day chance to sail to rocky "Mountain" island nearby. Bon fire, food, swimming etc, last day day heading back (latest at about 18pm back at Turku - flexible time due winds).

The total prize of the trip is 249e/person or 399e/couple (sleep in double bed).

Choose the prize "119e" for placement reservation. Rest of the prize (130e/280e) will be paid before the trip by cash, paypal or bank transfer. This additional fee goes on food, supply support, port fees, maintenance etc.

We sell the tickets by " 1ticket /1cabin" principle. 1 ticket (=1 spot) can have 1 or 2 persons. So you will always have the cabin (bed) whether for yourself alone or shared with your own friend.

Check our "terms of service" before booking:
and sign in your (and your friend's) details after booking.

Meeting at boat at 10.15 am
English & Finnish both available.

2 spots available
Available in English · MID SUMMER FESTIVAL VOYAGE, 6-7 days
499e/ person
599e/ 2persons

Th 20.6. - Tue 25. /Wed26.

Turku - Korpoström / Nauvo (Nagu)

Mid summer festival here we come! We sail from Turku center to big voyage to the Natural Park! Exact route and dates depending on the wind, but for sure we will visit desert islands and idyllic archipelago towns. We may also join a Festival gathering with other sailors on an unknown desert island during the brightest day of the year, to share the joy of light.

The total prize of the journey is 499e/single person or 599e/couple (sleep in same bed).

The ticket prize "119e" is for placement reservation. Rest of the prize (380e/480e) will be paid on boat before leave by cash / Paypal / bank transfer. This additional part of the prize goes on fuel, port fees, food etc "running fees and maintenance" of the trip.

Simple but high quality vegetarian food provided, but be sure to bring along your own and common festival snacks and drinks (see our note on the guidelines - no meat or large amounts of alcohol on board please!)

Arriving to Korpoström or Nauvo (Nagu), both along the way of the "archipelago buss" (1-2 hrs to Turku). Travel on/off to boat does not include in the price.

*The arriving date is flexible by one day. This allows us to enjoy the travel more. Let's discuss exact times on board, if you ie. prefer be early back home etc.

Check our "terms of service" before booking:
and sign in your (and friend's) details after booking.

Meeting at boat at 10.00 am

2 spots available
Available in English · ÅLANDS TOUR, 6 days
499e/ 2persons

Fri 28.6. - We 3.7. 2019
Nagu (Nauvo) - Ålands

Here we come, Åland Islands! Many stunning places on the way to visit - desert islands as well as inhabited idyllic archipelago towns!

Exact arrival place at the destination will be decided on the way: whether Mariehamn the capital, or to Färjsundet close to the other castle. There are good buss connections to Mariehamn and big shop close by in case we moor to Färjsundet.

The prize of the journey is 399e/single person or 499e/couple (sleep in same bed).

The ticket prize "119e" is for placement reservation. Rest of the prize (280e/380e) will be paid on boat before leave by cash / Paypal / bank transfer. This additional cost goes for the actual running fees (as port fees, fuel supply, maintenance etc) and support for the boat.

High quality vegetarian food provided, but be sure to ensure your own and common festival snacks and drinks (see our note on the guidelines - no meat or large amounts of alcohol on board please!)

Check our "terms of service" before booking:
and sign in your (and possible friend's) details after.

The last day of the travel is reserved for getting back to Turku by ferry Viking Line (takes nearly full day the travel). Travel on/off boat does not include in the price.


Please be aware that:

-Boat is restricted space - You and Your team members must be physically and mentally welfare.
- Sailing is an extreme sport. Good preparation in health and gear is essential - especially weatherproof clothing.
- Suitable for children with their parents/ responsible persons (4+ years).
- Life-jackets & sailing gloves provided on board, and mandatory to wear whenever requested at the Sea
- Further details:

You join by your own responsibility and must have your own insurance covering sailing activities.



This is a great experience, Jasper and Shaeila are really great people and sailers. You will learn a lot about sailing and will see the area in a different way, perfect for tourists and anyone who want to do something different and see turku and the archipelago from the water. Thank you doerzs and Jasper and Sheila