Sailing Trips

Try out or join a trip!

Available in Finnish and English
6 hours
8 spots per experience
125€ / person
60€ / children
60€ / students

What are we going to do

Welcome sailing!

Try out or join a trip! We provide different kind of sailing possibilities for you.

Contact and lets plan together, or join an "Event" trip!

- Waterbottle
-Eager mind
- Good outdoor-clothing

Turku, Finland and the archipelago waters around (reachable by buss).

For late and early season as winter, fully-proof clothing is essential.

Join to an Event trip below the page, or request an offer for your needs:
- Day / number of nights
- Who will be joining with you (number and relation)
-> If you are only a few shall we invite more people to join?
- Number of nights (0-14)
- Any Theme / special requirement wishes

Contact us on Social media- Here we share photos from our trip! (Facebook & INSTAGRAM)

What makes our trip special? We photograph each our trip. We teach & share. "You don't buy experience from us, but with us."

A Day at the Sea (HALF DAY) - Great for Business meetings!
Refresh your ordinary day!
5-7 hrs
2-8 people
Delicious food, (normally as "nyyttärit" (everybody brings), but also full table served if needed!)
Our great company

Learn new, grow your team work relationships or enjoy your own piece. Let us know how many are you, where do you come from and if you wish we invite more people to join or not. Prizes starting at 400e

INCLUDES: teaching, sailing & familiarization. Diploma for 20e/person (no-official).

FULL DAY SEA PICNIC - Great for Groups!
Visit Vepsä in between the day and come back in the evening. 8-12 hours expedition. Geo-cathing, swim, frisbee or climbing rocks at Vepsä. Great for a successful picnic day! (3-4 hours exploring the island), 2-8 people, same specs as above. Prize starting at 800e (own food)

WEEKEND TRIP or OVERNIGHT (max 4 people at a time) - Let's be in contact for all details!

For example, we have an alternative of 1 night from Turku to Seili and back. Seili offers interesting history, sauna and other services as summer restaurant. Even late season/ winter sailing to Seili is possible. To get Seili, we can also make it easier to leave from Nauvo.

Another example is a couple's alternative wedding trip to some magnificent place around extreme beautiful seascapes and unique environment. This trip will teach you a LOT more about sailing that short & dynamic Day trip. Good for 2-5 nights.

Check also what kind of "event sailing" options we have open. Very likely it's easy to arrange such similar in the dates close by, or join to one such open event if it fits your needs!

(There are things we need to cover in the prize, but we aim to keep the cost just as affordable as possible for you. It's my passion to sail and to make these trips happen. Within, we are in the adventure with you, enjoying it with full spirit.)

NO MONEY but still up to join?
We provide low-cost sailing whenever is open trips or events take place. To catch it, follow us on social media @artsailtraining (insta / FB ) and join for the msg list:

->Sail more, learn more, explore more <-





Sailing suits for all, and no experience is needed. Provide us with your health & safety info here as soon as confirmation of trip has taken place:

Each trip includes Master Mariner educated sea skipper and often (and whenever needed) assistant cook & deck hand. Together the boat's main crew make the team strong and reliable.

Sailing is perfect way to share time together, learn new skills (such as knots and navigation), and just to relax and get out of the Office. For another kind of active day - Sailing will be definitely fun & refreshing!

Good attitude with positive mind! <- this is the key for good experience & learning. Regarding waterbottle, sunglasses and clothing, see detailed info here:

Often we arrange food as "nyyttärit", meaning, everydoby bring something for the common vege table. Also own fast-to-eat snacks are always good to stand-by close.

That's basically it, but let's make sure you know what we are doing. Here is summary of all info. Whenever you're joining our trip or sending a message, I have to assume you are familiar with these guidance!


Warmly Welcomed!
s/y Fareata

About Jasper A - the Doer

Sailing is all in... it is my occupation, my profession, my boat is my home, I earn my money through it, I am passionate about it. I love it and I will sail around the world, one day I will, I will go to the adventures. Would you like to join?


Please be aware that:

-Boat is restricted space - You and Your team members must be physically and mentally welfare.
- Sailing is an extreme sport. Good preparation in gear is essential - especially weatherproof clothing.
- Suitable for children with their parents/ responsible persons (4+ years).
- Life-jackets & sailing gloves provided on board, and mandatory to wear whenever requested at the Sea
- Further details, Things-To-Take etc, on provided here:

Cancellation principle: If we need to change the dates due weather, temporary but urgent engine failure etc, when alternative dates are possible to arrange, no money refunded. If you wish to cancel the trip, no money refunded after a week to the trip. If you wish to change the dates of the trip, (ie. in case of illnes) less than week a the trip, we make new offer equivalent for the reservation fee (20e-100e) and no money refunded.



This is a great experience, Jasper and Shaeila are really great people and sailers. You will learn a lot about sailing and will see the area in a different way, perfect for tourists and anyone who want to do something different and see turku and the archipelago from the water. Thank you doerzs and Jasper and Sheila