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Rye bread baking

Bake rye bread using a starter according my family tradition

Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
7 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Rye bread is Finnish national food. Its' secret lies with the special starter producing a suberb sour dough from which the bread is baked. You will receive the ancient dried starter which had been the treasure and secret of my family rye bread for centuries, the recipe, and the warm, wonderful rye bread you will bake during the experience. And we of course taste the bread together, served hot and steaming with butter! We bake in a typical city apartment -it's surprisingly easy and doesn't need any special equipment. You will also learn about the Finnish bread tradition and what does rye bread mean to me and my family.

About Päivi - the Doer

I'm an enthusiastic follower of Finnish ancient traditions, and they affect my everyday life in many ways. I'm also a chef, nature-lover and have a PhD from ecology. I have a profound need sharing the long-lived skills with interested people, so they will not be forgotten. My mother (and my grandmother, too) was a widely known baker, people came long distance to buy our special bread. She passed away too early, and teaching people baking is my way of ensuring she will not be forgotten. So I've been teaching these skills now and then for 10 years now. I'm really looking forward to sharing this homely experience with you!


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We had a fabulous time with Päivi! Päivi is knowledgeable and welcoming. She made it the perfect experience for my little ones (ages 4 and 2). She helped them through all aspects of bread making. There were toys in the background to entertain them while we waited for bread to rise or bake. Päivi shared stories about bread and Finnish tradition. We are spending one year in Finland and have been trying to find ways to learn more about local culture and history. This was our best and most Finnish experience to date. Before our lesson was even over, my 4 yo was asking when we could come back. I can't recommend Päivi enough!
Päivi Päivi Thank you for this heart-warming review Heather! I had great time too - and your sweet little girls were such enthusiastic and attentive little bakers. So nice to hear that this was very Finnish experience, I'd like to think so too, even if you become a little blind for these everyday things. That's why it's so nice to share! <3


I thoroughly enjoyed my class. It was wonderful to learn from Päivi who is very knowledgeable, kind and generous. I appreciated receiving the starter and clear instructions to try baking this delicious bread at home. I highly recommend taking this excellent class!
Päivi Päivi Thank you Ruben, the pleasure was all mine! I had such a great time baking with you - I hope you succeed in baking rye bread back home - and with caraway seeds of course!


Kyllä oli kiva kurssi! Hyvät ohjeet, ihastuttava ja taitava kurssittaja ja aaaaaivan mahdottoman hyvää ruisleipää ja juustoja! NAM! Köyliön Vuorenpään VPK:n naisosasto kiittää!!


Ruisleipäkurssi kotonamme oli huikea menestys! Mikäli oppi meni perille, löytyy pukinkontista leipää ystäville ja sukulaisille

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