Running Tour Turku

Get to know local life in Turku while running

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
2 spots per experience

What are we going to do

First some warming up and stretching while we go through what's gonna happen and we'll adjust the tour if needed.

The tour goes along the RIVER AURA and we'll see the riverboats etc there. We'll take a FÖRI over the River Aura and go all the way to Turku Castle. On our way back we'll see some other highlights of our beautiful city. Visit the famous prison KAKOLA - a home of the most dangerous criminals in Finland once - nowadays the hippest housing area in the region.

The pace will be easy 6:00min/km and while passing the interesting places, we'll take it down a bit.

I don't mind rain, snowing or whatever, hope you won't either.

About Tomi - the Doer

Multiple sports background, mostly in team sports. Like running but prefer social running if that's an option. Trails and orienteering are interesting and better for my body (and probably yours too). Having said that, normal evening run happens mostly in city center along the river with a friend or two.


Bring your running shoes and suitable outfit for the weather.




I'm new in Turku and looked for some ways to learn about the city and its hidden spots. Running with Tomi turned out to be perfectly suited for exactly that. On a nice autumn afternoon I was lead to a lot of cool places that I wouldn't have found that quickly on my own. Tomi obviously loves his city and was willing to tell some interesting storys and drop some extra knowledge here and there.
... all the while being outdoors and doing sports. What do you want more?
Highly recommend.
Tomi Tomi Thank you very much Adrian! It was an excellent run. Talking with you made the 1 hour time fly: what an easy going run and great discussion. Hope to see you soon again somewhere!