Rage Room - Come to us, Break stuff, leave happy

You like to experience new things? Come to Rage Room

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Estonian
30 minutes
10 spots per experience
25€ / person
25€ / children
25€ / students

What are we going to do

Rage Room feels great - in a weird way. You will have fun, take great social media -pictures/videos and laugh out loud with your friend(s).

We take care of your safety and clean the mess afterwards

About Jarkko from Rage Room - the Doer

Rage Room is a famous concept in other big cities. Now you have possibility to come to a rage room with 4 different themes. We also offer halloween masks for funnier experience!


Be ready to sign a waver and don't try to get in to Rage Room if you are drunk. Otherwise you are good as you are.




Erilainen piristävä kokemus. Hienoa, että olette tuoneet konseptin Turkuunkin. :)


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Terhi ja Jonne

Terhi ja Jonne

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