Owl experience in Ruissalo

Hang out with the local owls!

Available in Finnish, English and Spanish
3 hours
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

When most go to sleep, the waking hours for some are just about to start.

Owls, the mysterious predators, start their silent movement within the darkness.

What would be more real and cool than finding owls from your local forest?

The Owl Experience takes you to the beautiful forests of Ruissalo in Turku where have the densest population of Tawny Owls in Finland. Sounds unbelievable but is very much true. There are 10 owl couples living on this small island. During the trip we will listen to owls' hoot and try to spot them with our flash lights from the tree branches.

This experience costs 30€ per person. We will take maximum of 10 people per trip. A presentation about owls in Finland is also included in the price.

Remember to pack your adventurous mindset, a headlamp, some warm clothes and a tasty snack if needed.

You are very much welcome to join the Owl Experience!


About Mikko - the Doer

I am a bird guide and nature tourism entrepreneur. I want to share the great experience for all nature lovers. Welcome aboard, every nature trip is an experience!
Soy un guía de aves y empresario de turismo de la naturaleza. Quiero compartir la gran experiencia para todos los amantes de la naturaleza. ¡Bienvenidos a bordo, cada viaje es una experiencia de vida!


Very good experience.
Saw my first tawny owl in wild and even if i would have not seen or heard any owls the experience would still be good. Nature in this area is very beautiful and Mikko's passion towards the subject is great.
Thank you! Would suggest this experience.
Tomi from Doerz
Awesome! My first time ever doing Owl Watching and it was an excellent experience which I will for sure remember all my life.
Spotting Owls no further than 5 kilometres from the city centre is unbelievable, we're juat being spoiled here in Finland... smiley.