Where to visit and stay in Finland? What to do there?

Let's create a perfect plan for your trip to Finland!

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Based on your interests, destination and length of your trip I will suggest you what you could do here in Finland:

Where to visit - cities and nature destinations
Local experiences
Scenic roadtrip routes
Convenient train routes
Where to stay - hotels, hostels and cottages

During our one hour long conversation you will get many local tips and links to suggested destinations/hotels/experiences will be delivered to you afterwards. If you wish me to create more detailed itinerary for your trip, that will be possible as well for extra fee.

About Heini - the Doer

I am an entrepreneur from Southern Finland, Turku. I have previous experience working in the field of travel, with local experiences, and I just love it! The pure beauty of my home country amazes me still, and I want to share the best local tips for you. My personal favourites in Finland are the archipelago of Turku and Lapland.


Before our discussion I need some more information of you and your travel preferences:

Are you traveling alone or with a group? Tell me a little bit of you and your group if you have companion.
What are your hobbies?
What are your expectations about this trip?
Are you looking for an active holiday? Culture? Food experiences? Or all of these?
How long are you going to stay in Finland?
Where do you prefer to stay (hotel/hostel/apartment/cottage)?
What is your budget per night for accommodation?
What is your total budget (excluding flights/train/boat to Finland)?
If you could select one word for the theme of your trip - what it would be?




Thank you so much, Heini! It was lovely to get to meet you virtually and we really appreciate your insight about how to plan a rewarding trip with kids. We're even more excited now!
Heini Heini I am so happy to hear I could help. Welcome to Finland!