Explore the streets through the camera lens

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
12 spots per experience
Regular price: 18 €
Children: 9 €

What are we going to do

Welcome to experience something unique!

We walk the streets and paths of Turku a little bit outside of the main tourist district. Anyway, the starting point is always near the riverside. But that's not all. The main purpose is to take our cameras with us and be ready to capture interesting things we see during the walk. Every walk is unique because the route might differ from the others and the weather also plays it's own part.

You can be a beginner or already experienced with camera. You might have a DSLR-camera or you just feel comfortable playing with the camera in your mobile phone. You might want to share your experiences about taking photos or you might want to get tips for taking better photos. Or then you just want to develop your skills and meet with new people. Everyone is welcome!

What you can expect from the Photowalk:
- A walk through an interesting area where you can sense the local everyday life
- Few short tasks during the walk to practice your photographic skills
- Help if you are unsure how to use the settings in your camera/phonecamera
- A group of people interested in taking photos no matter your skills
- Fun and unique experience with new places to see and you might also learn something new

With your camera/phone full of photos you can share them during or after the event freely in Instagram, your website or wherever you want. I also might post some photos from the event in Instagram.

About Jesse - the Doer

I have walked the streets of Turku for over 30 years now. With a camera I have done it more or less actively for 15 years. Combination of my curious mind, good imagination, obsession for long walks and interest in photography has lead me to continue this year after another. As with no formal education in photography I have studied and learned everything by myself. It's been a long and winding road but very rewarding one. Having my main interest in street photography has lead me to develop my skills with the most challenging ways. What keeps me going is a vision that there are millions of opportunities and things happening around us all the time and whenever I step outside my house there's a chance for a good or even an excellent photo.

Photography has been an important hobby for me. I'm not a beginner but not a hardcore pro, yet ;)
Apart from taking photos I have studied and worked in the field of education. Having a pedagogic approach to all things I do has helped me to gain succesful experiences in photography. It's also been rewarding taking photos together with somebody else but also when sharing experiences and opinions about photography. These experiences have developed my own skills and thinking in photography. That's why I think it would be great to offer this opportunity to whoever wants to develop skills in taking photos. As I hope others to learn new things from me while taking photos at the same time I also hope to learn something from the others.

Hopefully I got you interested and you would like to be part of the next walk I take along the streets of Turku :)


- Put on good shoes because we will walk 1,5-2 kilometers
- Pay attention to the weather because this is an outdoor activity (heat, rain etc). Every weather is a good weather to take photos :)
- Bring your own camera (DSLR, snapshot camera, phonecamera) and a spare battery/power bank & memory card if possible
- Be ready for an adventure where you might see the city from a slightly different perspective

Notice! This is not a guided sightseeing tour. They are an excellent way to get to know the city too and fully recommended if you haven't already taken one. This is anyway something different.
Instead of seeing and hearing about the major facts and history of the city we focus on active interaction with the visual surrounding with a help of a camera. Also not to get confused this is neither an official photography course although we share tips and experiences :)




Todella inspiroiva kierros, joka opetti paljon niin valokuvauksesta kuin Turustakin. Jesse on mukava ja helposti lähestyttävä opas, jonka kanssa on kiva vaihtaa ajatuksia kuvaamisesta. Retki sopii kaikentasoisille valokuvaajille. Oli kiinnostavaa nähdä kaupunkia suosituimman turistialueen ulkopuolella ja saada paikallista näkökulmaa Turkuun. Sain myös paljon ideoita valokuvaukseen liittyen ja suosittelen tätä kierrosta lämpimästi muillekin.
Where there is Jesse there is also a camera - and these two make a great combo. Jesse is really warm-hearted and nice guy who has been living in Turku for many years and knows the city and surroundings like his pockets. In my opinion he always finds something interesting to capture, especially when it comes to nature, architecture or daily life. His calm and easy-going approach makes him a great host for your photowalk in beautiful city of Turku.
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