A Trip to the Nature with Traditional Herbal Tea

Learn to prepare traditional herbal tea during a trip in nat

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish
3 hours
13 spots per experience
Regular price: 25 €
Children: 19 €

What are we going to do

Nature trip near the city, preferably a bus ride distance to the starting point of the destination where the hike begins.

This trip focuses on gathering herbs and preparing a special Nordic herbal tea with different healing or improving properties

Hike incl. Guidance, tour of local nature areas. Nature teaching, identifications and preparation of herbal tea. In a location near the city.

About Tommi - the Doer

I begun my story as a wilderness guide in 2013 when I graduated as nature guide in Lapland.
I have worked in tourism industry ever since, and later on went to continue my studies as environmental engineer which gave me passion in preserving our nature.

I have traveled in the nature all over of Finland for over a decade, always finding more unique places.

I have worked in international projects and nature related topics for most of my adult life. I enjoy giving unique experiences to local or international travelers about the specialities of nature, landscapes and history of Finland.


Equipment: Personal weather compliant clothing, recommended water bottle and good shoes.

Temporary equipment: A basket or container for gathering herbs