Mushroom picking

Get to kone and pick edible mushrooms in the wild.

With Johanna

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

1-4 persons. We’ll walk the forest and see what kinds of mushroom there is to be found. We’ll pick, identify and clean our findings together. Enjoy The fresh air and nature and figure out what well prepare of the ones we’ll find.

About Johanna - the Doer

Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed going mushroom hunting with my grandma. I always look forward to mushroom season to start. I love all different mushroom dishes especially when ingredients are self foraged. Beautiful chanterelles, porcinis, black trumpets and everything else. Having a little trouble breathing in the city - nature walks give my body and mind a refreshing break from mundane.


Outdoor (forest) clothing and shoes. Be able to walk in forest for 1,5 hours.



Couldn't make it personally, but Johanna was highly agreeable and understanding of my predicament. Mushroom picking is great though, and I'd highly recommend any and all people to acquaint themselves with the sport. That said, this would be an opportune avenue for doing just that. :)


Johanna, I really enjoyed my experience with you and hunting for mushrooms. As a person with pretty limited knowledge of mushrooms a laminated card (that is used during the experience) with the common mushrooms would be super helpful in identifying them and giving participants confidence in what to look for.


What a beautiful afternoon to spend in the forest! Fresh air and good company, really nice event even though my basket was still empty when returning to car.