Nature Yoga Experience

Learn to calm your mind&relax your body

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
22 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Yoga break to enjoy the world's cleanest air and Nature. To understand how to stimulate the vagus nerve and relax your mind and body. A moment where we stop the glorification of busy and understand how good our bodies and minds are designed to feel like. You don't need any previous experience of yoga to attend.

You can choose to do the activity in Nature (Urban park in Turku City Centre or in a forest outside of Turku), at a studio in Turku City centre or if you have more time at my Farm in Vehmaa (45min drive from Turku), where we can combine the activity with Finnish Sauna experience and BBQ.

Contact me to find out more.

I promise you will love it.

Miki @mikisyoga

About Mikaela - the Doer

Who is Miki?

I am a mother, businesswoman, speaker, nature lover and a yoga teacher. I have travelled and lived in several places around the globe – from small farms to Metropolitan cities. From all the places on this beautiful planet I have chosen to come back to my roots. I have realized the value of Finnish nature, countryside and traditions – the simplicity of everyday life and importance of connecting with nature in this otherwise busy and demanding world.

Trough my yoga I wish to bring tools for people to balance their everyday life, both at work and on their free time. I like to introduce people easily adaptable routines which can be made to everyday rituals.

I love to combine opposites in my life: laughter with quietness, hard work with relaxation. I also like to use science in my teaching and love to combine traditional yoga philosophy with the western thoughts.

My classes are easily approachable and suitable for all levels. We are not aiming for perfect asanas, but the goal is to make you taller, baller and more confident in you. To make you stop for a moment and feel the life -- to find the happiness in YOU.


If you are willing to do the yoga in the Forest you need proper shoes and to dress according to weather.

Min charge 10 people/activity