Martti - the IV District

Let us walk in Martti

Available in Finnish
1 hour 30 minutes
22 spots per experience

What are we going to do

This is a scheduled walking tour, only in Finnish, but if you are interested in walking tours in English or other languages, please contact us at

About Turun Matkailuoppaat - the Doer

Turku Tour Guides Association consists of several professional, authorised tour guides active in Turku.
We offer tours in several languages and have a wide variety of theme tours to give.
Our guides will tell you stories of Finnish and Turku history and modern times.
Please contact us if you are interested in a tour of your own.


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Asiantunteva ja mukava opas. Uutta tietoa syntyperäisellekin (1954) turkulaiselle.
Turun Matkailuoppaat Turun Matkailuoppaat Hei ja kiitokset, tämä on mukava kuulla!! Tervetuloa muillekin kierroksillemme.