Local Chauffer

Own chauffeur for a day

Available in Finnish and English
5 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Would you like your own chauffeur for a day? How about a tour around historical Turku or some other interesting city? Message me with your travel plans and I can make you an offer that fits your budget!

The price is negotiable depending on the size of the group.

About Pia - the Doer

I think it’s interesting to meet new people and let them get to know the way we live! We live at the heart of the nature. Nature is our way of life and we think it’s wonderful to give people a chance to experience it themselves.




I really enjoyed my trip through the archipelago. Pia showed me interesting local places I would not have been able to see on my own. I can definitely recommend this trip to everyone who would like to see the archipelago, its history and the everyday life of the people living there from a different and unique perspective 😊


Pia is a lovely guide and even picked us up from our apartment! She was lovely to talk to, and showed us several areas off the beaten track. We were able to experience the beauty of the archipelago in a way that would have been impossible otherwise. All this for a very reasonable price! Also, her puppy is absolutely gorgeous!
Great day in the Archipelago. Lovely nature experience, the presence of the sea and very interesting ferry crossings.
The peak of my summer so far! The peacefulness of Finnish Archipelago, cool sea breeze and the lively green nature. Very empowering experience!
A great excursion through the beautiful archipelago. The versatile nature is all around you, and the number of wildlife (animals) you see is enormous. All you need to do is just look around you. Sea, nature and hurry-free attitude brings you peace of mind for a long time. We also visited a lovely cafe, cozy guest harbour and many small boutiques along the way. So there’s plenty of different activities available, and the trip was tailored to fit our group. Our guide Pia created a very comfortable atmosphere and was taking care of us from the beginning until the end. Thank you! I recommend.