Live-Streamed Walk along the Aurariver

Watch nice views and discuss past and present day life in Tu

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour
1 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Come and join us on a live streamed walk along the Aura, the river that was the lifeline of Turku and the Proper Finland in early Finnish history.

We have a lot to show you and talk about, as Turku is the oldest town in Finland.

Let us discuss history and modern day in this wonderful town.

Book a time that suits you, we are online every day!
This is a private tour for you or your group. You can be several persons.

About Magni Mundi - the Doer

Magni Mundi is a small local company from Turku. We live in the city and love our city. We are also authorised Turku guides and love to show our town and the nearby areas to travellers from all over the world.
All kinds of tours and activities can be booked via us.


Device with an internet connection, loudspeakers/headphones and a microphone. App enabling video calls (whatsapp, hangouts, skype or similar).




Antoisa kävelykierros kauniissa Turussa oli juuri sitä mitä kaipasinkin. Sain paljon hyviä vinkkejä Turkuun, opin uutta ja nautin kauniista maisemista Aurajoen rannalla.
Magni Mundi Magni Mundi Kiitos Martina! Oli kiva näyttää sinulle Turkua!