Ice walking in Turku

Amaze yourself with a Winter Walk on a frozen Sea

With Heljä

Available in Finnish and English
1.5 hours
40 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We´ll meet on Hirvensalo Island ( 5 km from the city center) and have a 1 km walk in a beautiful landscape to the beach and from there we´ll walk on the frozen Sea 1 km to the place where we met and we´ll enjoy ice picnic together. We´ll grill traditional finnish sausages, have a coffee, tea and juice. Frozen Sea is like a winter playground for finns. You can see people that ski and ice-skate over it. You might see also people that are fishing or swimming. Now you can experience yourself this winter wonderland and take beautiful fotos!

About Heljä - the Doer

I´m amazed only with an idea of walking on the frozen Sea. Everything looks so different from this perspective and there is a great feeling of freedom and silence. I love to go ice- skating and walking and I try to do it now every day because the feeling is just fantastic and the view is just stunning. I want that also you can experience it. Let´s walk together!


Warm clothes