Ice Cream Tasting

Tasting different Finnish ice cream

Available in Finnish, English, Swedish and French
1 hour
7 spots per experience

What are we going to do

How ice cream savvy are you? This experience is for true ice cream lovers! We will try different Finnish ice creams and get to know new flavours together. This is a good way to try a bunch of new ice cream flavours before buying a whole box in a grocery store. We can do the ice cream tasting at my apartment or we can together decide on the venue or even do it in a park!

The price includes everything, so all you need to do is show up and be ready to taste ice cream.

My name is Amira and I LOVE ice cream!

About Amira - the Doer

It's quite simple... I love ice cream and I want to share my joy with you!

Upcoming events

10 spots available

Come and spend a moody November evening tasting different Finnish ice cream! It's never too cold for ice cream ;)

Come as you are and bring your friends too! If you want you can take a scarf with you for a better experience.

The language spoken during the event depends on the participants, we can do it in English, Swedish, Finnish, Italian or French!

See you!






All flavours were great - even for my 3-year-old daughter. Have to fill our freezer with ice cream now!
Amazing tasting experience. Didn't know I could trust my sense of taste like that. The most interesting part was when we actually saw the color yellow when tasting pineapple icecream. It was surprisingly delightful! Recommended for everyone who loves icecream.


Jäätelöt maistuivat erilaisilta silmät kiinni. Normaalisti tulee lapattua jätskiä huomaamatta ehkä tarpeeksi nauttia siitä. Amira oli tosi sympaattinen jäätelönmaisteluohjaaja ja tässä oppi arvostamaan makuja hieman uudella tavalla. Tietty mukavaa oli myös se, että lopuksi syötiin kaikki purkit tyhjiksi...
Tomi from Doerz Samaa mieltä Kallen kanssa! Erittäin hyvin vedetty maistelu ja sopivassa määrin infoa muttei kärsimättömälle kuitenkaan liikaa.. hymiö Kiitos Amira!