Learn to Drive a Horse & Carriage!

Learn to harness and drive a horse.

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours
2 spots per experience
Regular price: 40 €
Children: 35 €

What are we going to do

I will teach you to harness and drive a well-behaving Finnhorse. I am not offering a passive driving tour, but instead you can learn driving safely by trying it yourself. There are places for 3 persons in our carriage, so the instructor is with you all the time. We drive in a driving track and/or riding course. It takes about 1 hour to harness and groom the horse before and after the drive, and we will drive about 1 hour. If there are 2 persons attending, we will share the driving shifts, but both participants and the instructor are in the carriage the whole time. We have four-wheeled and two-wheeled carriages, of which we select based on the wish of the customer and the weather.

The horse is located in Vahto, a small town 25 km from Turku. The stable is possible to reach by bus. I can also give a lift to the stables from Turku (30 minutes).

About Oona - the Doer

I dreamed for a many years of owning a horse, and some time ago I made this dream real. I find being with horses very relaxing and want to offer that possibility to other people as well. By profession I am a teacher in a university of applied sciences, so sharing know-how is familiar to me.


Driving can be quite a muddy activity during the autumn and winter periods. Please wear clothes which can get dirty. It is possible to change at the stables.

The experience does not include insurance.