How to Cook Tofu (and save more money)

Save money and eat better with Learning How to Cook Tofu!

Available in English
2 hours
6 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Together we will make Braised Tofu that you can eat by itself OR add to your other food throughout the week so you don't need to cook everyday.
This can be eaten with pasta, rice, bread (as sandwich) or even as a salad topping to add protein to your meals.
Making it yourself will not only save you a lot of money and time, but at the same time ensures that you are consuming wholesome and healthier food.

We do the tasks together from cutting to simmering the tofu alongside some tips on what's the better brands, where to buy and even other possible things to make with tofu!
No need for prior experience with cooking so open to all beginners!

I will bring all the necessary materials (ingredients, knife, cutting board and even aprons)

This can be either in my studio unit or in your apartment as well.
Please leave a message so we can schedule accordingly.

About Dwight - the Doer

I am a professional chef who moved to Turku quite recently and have been keen on sharing some culinary knowledge and skills that people can use at home.
I am excited to see people making their own food, experimenting and sharing it with other like-minded individuals.
I would like to help build a social network of individuals enthusiastic on the craft of food making where everyone can learn from each other.


No experience with cooking needed!
Open to really beginners who love tofu and want to save money and eat healthier by making it at home!