Woodheated Sauna & Treatments

Authentic Wood heated Sauna & Wellness treatments!

Available in Finnish and English
2 hours 30 minutes
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

I will be your personal guide into Finnish sauna traditions, Folkhealing culture and Nordic inheritage. I live in the Archipelago of Naantali, 35 min. away from Turku. I would like to take you to a deep-dive into our ways to get healed and balanced - gently & safe in a unique environment.

The experience includes wood-heated sauna-session, sauna-linen and a traditional treatment of your choice. Maybe you want to be courageous and try wet-cupping therapy - our way to detox, relax both physically and emotionally! Or maybe you just want to be pampered & relaxed with whisking rituals & gentle massage. Welcome! I will take good care of you here. This is a slow-life experiance, hope you come with no hurry and you have some time to enjoy nature.

About Hanna - the Doer

My entire life has been filled with rural & Nordic doityourself lifestyle. My roots are in Northern parts of Finland. I have never lost my connection to the forest & wildlife. My whole family is into nature it and we all get daily inspiration from it year after year. My husband is a logcrafter and we have three sons. During the Summertimes we like spending time on the Baltic Sea either on boat or our floating sauna. We are both life style entrepreneurs and like to have fun & meet people. Welcome to our world.


Open & trusting mindset. All sauna-linen will be offered and some snack. Please, come with no hurry. You propably want to hang around longer than a few hours! Public transport is poor to this location. You can hitch-hike, take a bike or call a cab.


First about the Hanna, she is very lovely person, very kind and you can speak and have any conversation with her. She have very good heart and Hanna is positive woman with a nice smile!
The place where is she performing the healing, doing the massage and blood capping, is crafted by his husband and he's carpenter. I never saw better small cozy cottage with so much details in it. The place is worm, you feel like a home and the sauna there is best sauna I have ever been.
Well I can say more, but I think the best is if you visit and see with your own eyes and feel with your own heart.

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