Luonnonkosmetiikkapaja - Organic Cosmetics Workshop

Make wonderful natural cosmetics from quality ingredients.

Available in Finnish and English
1 hour 30 minutes
30 spots per experience
Regular price: 49 €
Children: 30 €

What are we going to do

The nature in Finland provides great ingredients to support our wellness. Come and try to make your own natural cosmetics in the middle of nature: park or forest. Also indoor workshops are possible.

In the workshop, you will use wild herbs to manufacture cosmetics . No unnecessary chemicals but high quality raw materials, not forgetting wonderful fragrances.

The herbs and essential oils for the products are selected to match your personal needs.

The workshop is organized for 2-10 people.

Workshop themes:

Natural cosmetics for everyone -workshop. In the workshop, herbs, oils and essential oils are personally selected for your skin. For example, you can choose a face or body cream, face serum, mask, lip balm, exfoliating product, whipped shea butter, face spray or bath products. Mustache wax and shaving oil are options for men. Easy recipes also for kids. The price includes 2 products / participant.

Treat your feet -workshop. Come to make refreshing and softening exfoliating salt, lotion, butter or cream for your feet and herbal bath product. The price includes 3 products / participant.

About Vihreä ilo - the Doer

Berry picking and horticulture have been an integral part of my summers since childhood. In 2016, I started blogging about wild herbs. Over time, the hobby developed in the direction of manufacturing natural cosmetics. Vihreä ilo, my firm, was founded in 2017. I organize workshops and courses in wild herbs, essential oils and natural cosmetics manufacture.

The desire to learn and develop something new is why I do this.

Come to share our common enthusiasm for nature and making wonderful products!


You don’t have to prepare in any way.




Aivan mahtava paja! Koko seurue tykkäsi kovasti!