Cooking Japanese food

Cook Japanese traditional food together

Available in Finnish, English and Japanese
2 hours
3 spots per experience
October - March

What are we going to do

Japanese food is more than just sushi. There is a variety of different types of traditional meals such as Ramen (ラーメン), Udon (うどん), Doburi (どんぶり), Teriyaki (てりやき), Japanese curry (カレーライス) etc. that are not yet found in Finnish restaurants. Moreover, Japanese food is like an art where every food item has specific place and meaning - there are even rules for using chopsticks correctly!

You can choose a full set meal from a list, or suggest one yourself, and we will cook it together at my place. After cooking, I will show how to enjoy the meal and tell you all the small details in the meaning. Itadakimasu (いただきます)!

About Naomi - the Doer

I have a background in tourism and like to share my culture, especially food with those who are interested in Japan.


No special equipment needed.


The cooking was great and the food was delicious! I enjoyed learning Japanese methods of cutting and learning about all the meaning behind the food! I learned something new about serving food in Japan. You should add Ramen as an option choice for the menu! Thank you for being a good host :)
Naomi Thank you for the comment and glad you enjoyed the experience! :) I will add ramen when I find where to get appropriate ingredients in Turku!