Entertain your friends at home with a Finnish meal

Available in English
2 hours
20 spots per experience
55€ / person
30€ / children

What are we going to do

Entertain your friends and family in your own home and have your dinner cooked by your very own private chef. A 5-course dinner based on typically Finnish ingredients cooked to perfection

About JJ de Nier Food Experience - the Doer

I have been involved in the food business for over 30 years. 25 years in South Africa cooking for an international clientele and now the past 5 years I have been active in Turku. I cook food from around the world. I do not consider my food to be fancy, but rather good, natural products used in exciting ways.


Provide your own drinks



Our group of 40 (!) really enjoyed the amazing 21-course meal. Don't know how he does it but JJ really delivers. Thank you very much!
Kokemus oli hieno eikä jäänyt nälkä! Suosittelen!
What an experience! Thank you JJ!
JJ is a very flexible professional chef with a can-do-attitude. No matter what's the kitchen, he'll make the whole party enjoy the dinner. Awesome!
Thank you! Looking forward to #suomi100 :)