Building beautiful bread together

See how easy it is to make beautiful and delicious bread

Available in English
3 hours
5 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We'll be making beautiful breads (e.g. Kaiser brötchen) together, the Artisan way!

This means we will try time to extract the maximum flavour out of the core ingredients and only use our hands and simple tools.

During the workshop you will also be explained about the process, what happens at each step and why each step is needed in building a quality bread.

As building bread involves yeast, it will take time to leaven the bread. For this reason, we will be making pasta from scratch while we wait for the yeast to do its thing.

The location will depend on the amount of people interested and in the kitchen that is available. The minimum amount of people for the workshop is two people.

About Aschwin - the Doer

As a Dutch guy living in Finland I missed some foods such as good breads and rolls. Initially I bought a bread-machine, which lost its appeal after the first attempts. Instead, I find some good books and learned to bake good bread myself. Making bread is a surprisingly physical job, kneading and also seeing your bread take shape. Interestingly, with the skill of making bread, you can suddenly also make pizza and pasta. By learning to make bread I joined, and so will you, a more than 10.000 year old tradition.


All you need is some patience waiting for the yeast to do its thing.




super taste semla bun! And nice atmosphere though bit of small kitchen.


super taste semla bun! And nice atmosphere though bit of small kitchen.
It was very nice. Actually the very first time when I have succeeded to make a soft bread, the tips and tricks were very useful. And I made a pasta for the first time in my life!