Breath freely in natural park

Walking in natural park Kurjenrahka

Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
10 spots per experience
May - October

What are we going to do

I welcome you to visit beautiful Kurjenrahka routes by walking. I will tell you nice stories about the history and the nature. We will do some relaxing and natureloving mindfulness exercises along the way. Nice tasks to your body and mind. You can choose from different routes from 2 - 6 kilometers. At the end we will gather in an old farm to have local snacks and beverages including price.
You can attach this event to yoga in sauna or wine yoga that is arranged in the same farm where we eat

Notice that minimum is 2 persons

I am waiting for you!

About Anne - the Doer

I enjoy when I see that all kind of customers from young to pensionist or small to big just experience this same mutual feeling than I do in the nature. . Your eyes, ears and whole body is just getting what it needs like activity, peacefulness and social contacts at the same time Here the nature is beautiful, quiet and very pure! It is lovely to just breath and breath and breath more deeply! I have been a lot in the forest since my father taught me as a little girl how to respect the nature. That is why I have studied how to use natural herbs and plants for health and food but also how you can raise your condition and refresh your brain in the forest. I am so happy to share my knowledge and enjoyment with other people in this beautiful Kurjenrahka natural park.


for walking you need cozy clothes, good shoes and water bottle. Check the weather!