Children`s flea markets shopping tour

We'll go around children`s flea markets in Turku area

Available in Finnish and English
4 hours
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We are gonna go through 3-5 children`s flea markets in Turku area by my car. I am a true flea market spirit and have been going around them many years. I have had also my own children`s flea market about six years. I know a lot about the brands, prices and etc. I can also tell you about my own experience of keeping a children`s flea market if you are interested of hearing about that.

Going to these places usually saves you a lot of money. Children`s clothes and stuff are as new mainly highly priced. Children grow fast so their stuff usually stays in good shape. Lot of used stuff are like brand new but only fragile of a price of new. You can find a lot of Finnish well known brands like Moomin`s and Marimekko for a really cheap price. One of my own last good finding was a Marimekko`s Jokapoika shirt for my 9-year old boy only 7€.

This tour is not only for a people who have children because you can find all kind of fun stuff from children`s flea market. And of course you can always shop for souveniers..

Now is your change to join a fun guaranteed road trip! Just push the reserve button and see ya!

About Driven - the Doer

"I think flea markets are like a box of chocolates - you never know what`s you gonna get".

"Treasure hunt". Full of interesting stuff like my late grandmother´s attic...

I can find more distinctive clothes and stuff for me and my children for a really good price. Never again go to a shop first (the prices are insane) - always check the recycled options first.

I have children. Love: children, clothes, fashion, art, toys, recycling and good deals - children`s flea markets are all that! Maybe that`s a reason why I have been entrepreneur in one. But they say - it`s a time for everything. Now fleamarkets are back as beeing my "hobby" again. And I don`t know much more fun hobby. Highly recommend!


All children`s flea markets accepts a credit card but sometimes they have some technical problem. It`s maybe good to take a little bit of a cash just in case.

Our tour lasts many hours so you can take a lunchbox with you. In many children`s flea markets is also aloud to eat own lunch in a cafe.


Tosi mukava, rento ja rempseä meininki:) Reissu oli hyvin organisoitu ja ryhmän vetäjä oli ystävällinen ja todellinen aiheen asiantuntija. Lämpimät suosittelut!
Kiva kokemus! Tuli kierrettyä kätevästi monta hyvää lastenkirppistä ja tein hyviä löytöjä. Reissun tunnelma hauska ja rento. Suosittelen!