Beer tasting with a local

Come with me into the wonderful world of beer!

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1.5 hours
12 spots per experience

What are we going to do

We will be tasting different craft beers and get to know different types of beer, beer countries and interesting facts about beer. There is so much to discover about beers! But the main goal of this experience is of course to enjoy the variety of tasty beers. Whether you are completely inexperienced in the world of beer or a profound hophead, or someone in between, we can tailor this experience to fit your own preferences. Beer tasting can be arranged also with a rather low budget.

Tastings usually have a certain theme, such as:
- pale beers
- dark beers
- Finnish beers
- one of the classic beer countries
- from normal to weird
...or anything else!

The duration of the tasting is about 90 minutes. The venue for the tasting is something that you may provide yourself, or it can be arranged in a bar with a good beer selection. The price includes the tasting, planning and travel costs in the Turku area. The cost of beers is not included. All participants must be at least 18 years of age.

About Olutlähettiläs Tapsa - the Doer

Are you interested in beers? Are you overwhelmed with the huge selection of beers in grocery stores? Or are you just looking for some easy-going beer program for your picnic, sauna evening, company party or bachelor(ette) night? My name is Tapsa and I am the Beer Ambassador who can arrange a beer tasting for you!


18 years of age and a curious mind.




Hieno kokemus niin kokeneille kuin aloittelevillekin oluen maistelijoille! Maistelu sopii hyvin kotiin yhdeksi juhlien kohokohdaksi. Kiitos Tapsa!