Purjehduselämys Turun Saaristossa - opi ja nauti!

Available in Finnish and English
48 hours
10 spots per experience
Regular price: 249 €
Children: 219 €

What are we going to do

Purjehduselämys Turun Saaristossa ja Saaristomerellä - opi ja koe!


Tämä elämys sy Annona:lla on suunnitteilla ja se avataan pian!

Annona majoittaa 7 henkilöä ja purjehtii Saaristomerellä pitäen tukikohtaa Turussa.

Katso silläaikaa jos tämä purjehduselämys sopii tarpeisiinne:




About Jasper Armanto - the Doer

My name is Jasper Armanto. I am passionate about sailing and offer alternative kind of sailing adventures & experiences to people as travelers and locals.

I am Maritime Master, working on merchant sailing cargo ships, currently at the Finnish Navy.

This voyage is organized together with SY ANNONA and her skipper. The skipper of ANNONA - Antti - is a joyful, experienced sailor, who has thirty years of expericense of leisure seagoing vessels and skippered various vessels such as schooner Lokki and Olga.


- The boat is restricted space - You and your team must be physically and mentally welfare and fit.
- Yes, there is toilet on boat - however, there are some limits to it. Whenever anchored or moored to harbor or island, that "nature facility" is our best lavatory.
- Suitable for children with their parents if you ask first.
- Everybody joins as a Crew member.
- No experience or special skills are needed.

- Be ready as we guide and SIGN-IN before the voyage:


All the rights reserved for changes due weather, engine failure or such reasons. In case of urgent cancel, we do our best to provide alternative dates for You.


Jasper Armanto
We made an amazing trip to Seili island with my family and the boat crew. Jasper is such a great teacher for beginners and is very much good company for a weekend sail. Keiju cooks delicious meals with a great variety and puts a smile on everybodys face. I would recommend this to anybody interested in sailing and adventuring.


The sailing weekend with Jasper and Keiju was great! Jasper is an excellent skipper and even better teacher. He was very patient with us and arranged the sailing so that we could practise as much as possible. It was a lot of fun and we felt safe all the time. Keiju cooked excellent food for us and it was lovely to chat with her! Jasper and Keiju's boat felt like home for us in the time spent there. We strongly recommend the experience and we hope to have the chance to sail with them again.


This is a great experience, Jasper and Shaeila are really great people and sailers. You will learn a lot about sailing and will see the area in a different way, perfect for tourists and anyone who want to do something different and see turku and the archipelago from the water. Thank you doerzs and Jasper and Sheila
Jasper Armanto
Kolmas mahtava reissu Fareatalla!
Jasper on paras purjehdusopettaja! Rento ja jämäkkä samalla kertaa, innostaa oppimaan ja rohkaisee tekemään itse!
Homma toimii kun kaikki on ajateltu etukäteen.
Kiitokset kippari-Jasperille ja veneen hengettärelle kokki-Keijulle!
T. Tuula Puolakka ja 5 veljestä Nurmijärveltä