Turku Outdoor - Cold Swimming & Sauna

I had a wonderful time and Samuli was an excellent guide. He showed me a part of Finland I would have never discovered on my own. If I am ever back to Finland I will definitely reach out to him again!

Escape Artist!

I loved the logic of the puzzles, not too frustrating but not too obvious or easy. I was also lucky to be with a good talented team so we manage dans to amuse the escape room.

Electric Motocross

It was very good to start with a group of 8, because we had 4 bikes to share. One hour is plenty of time so it was good to keep taking turns. The bikes are easy enough to handle for a beginner and they offer challenge enough for those who dare to try their limits. After a couple of rounds I could take my first mini-jumps, and the feeling was great :) Highly recommended! Best thing is that you can do this all year round.