Ghost tour

Guided walking tour in the world of ghosts and spirits

Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour 30 minutes
25 spots per experience
November - December

What are we going to do

Ghosts, spirits, spooks... all of them are present on this tour! This guided walking tour takes you to historical buildings in the center of Tornio and lets you in to some fascinating stories of the world of spirits. The stories were told by people who have unforgettable experiences from certain buildings. In addition to the spirit stories, the guide will talk about the modern way of detecting spirits and people who are our eyes in the world that everyone cannot see or detect.

About Eija-Sinikka - the Doer

I am a trained tourist guide since 2008 and have done various types of guided tours in my area. One year ago I could take a peek to the world of shamanism and I found inspiration and understanding of an another dimension, a layer that all of us cannot see or detect.


Please dress according to the current weather conditions and make sure you have good walking shoes. You can also take with you a flash light or a lantern.




Hieno kierros, kiitos 😍
Eija-Sinikka Eija-Sinikka Kiitos paljon Tuula arvostelusta ja siitä, että olit mukana!


Hei, kummituskierros oli mukava kokemus. Jonkin pienen lisän olisin kaivannut. Esimerkiksi joku pieni kierrokseen kuuluva kopsautus/ kolahdus Raatihuoneella olisi tuonnut lisää jännitystä (joka olisi siis paljastunut melkein heti avustajan tekemäksi)
Eija-Sinikka Eija-Sinikka Hei Salla ja suuret kiitokset palautteesta! Se on erittäin tärkeää, jotta saan kehitettyä tätä uutta kierrosta eteenpäin. Kiitos, että olit mukana!


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